Since 1995

PT. Intermulti is an internationally recognized and interior design firm with expertise in office, residential, commercial, hotel, restaurant and retail.Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, PT Intermulti Kreasi was established on April 16 1995, Indra Salim founder of Intermulti, who has become a prominent expert in the industry.

Over the years, PT. Intermulti has produced the optimal translation design according to available budget into every space and dimensions. The Design Group combines extraordinary talents and global experiences to create the combination of beauty, function, art, confort and harmony, that sincerely provides the best for you, within time frame and effective costing. Our Design Group’s mission is simple: develop interior design experiences that are distinctive, compelling, and of superb quality and individuality.

For over two decades the firm has been taking good care of more than 1000 projects with excellent outcome and is consistently recognized for its business acumen and its variety of innovative work concepts, which are translated onto every single design and details.

Given all these opportunity and experiences, PT Intermulti will continue to dedicate our talents to share the deal with our Clients, to give you all these magnificent atmosphere where ever you are.

Why us?

Creative Concept Design

A design and idea solution based from something that match the look and athmosphere based on the client’s choice.


Inspection is an important point of quality to ensure construction work on run smooth and right.

Space Planning

Renovation and build a new office is one of our expertise that We do in an organize manner to give an efficient & effective impression.


Operating for more than 20 years, we have built a reputation for quality service, speed, realibility and perfect value.

Experienced & Competent

We understand that none of the projects are always the same, We commit with the existing human resources providing the best service based on your needs.

Satisfy Service

Selection of equipment, machinery, and materials in used and continuously updated will always be supported by providing the best results.


“Intermulti successfully transformed our dream into reality. They are full of fresh ideas and understood our demands. The team are highly responsive and perform outstanding work for our new office.”


“It has been a pleasure working with Intermulti, we would recommend PT.Intermulti as an interior designer and office renovation.”

Fuji Film
Fuji Film2016

“In regards to renovation work done for our expansion office at Wisma 46, Intermulti has perform excellent working result, responsibility and cooperation.”


“Intermulti and it’s team under took excellent working result, professional and the work was conducted in an efficient and timely manner, the project was completed on schedule!”


“Intermulti has helped us in accomplishing what was only in our different surrounding that creates a positive energy for all of our staff.”


“We are very pleased with the quality of service provided by Intermulti, we sincerly appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct business.”

Stanley Black & Decker
Stanley Black & Decker2016

“Intermulti has performed good work, responsibility and organized in a manner that well represented the proffesionalism of our company to realize, the layout plan and design that we expected.”


“Intermulti as the contractor of the renovation project of our office make our office look more spacious and great than previous.”


“We would not hesitate to recommend their services to prospective client as Intermulti has done excellent job in fit out of our office with good workmanship, their project team was also dedicated and professional.”


“Intermulti as the contractor for the renovation of office has help us in providing open space work station for our staff.”

Suntory Garuda
Suntory Garuda2016

“In regards to renovation work done for our new office Intermulti have good cooperation to realize the layout plan and design that we expected.”

Martha Tilaar
Martha Tilaar2016

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